A Word from Dick Goodwin



Thanks for your interest in our unique Vari-Ten wire antenna Tensioners.

I’m Dick Goodwin (K4JJW) and I formed Vari-Ten, LLC in 2013 as a small business to produce Vari-Ten wire antenna Tensioners.  I’m retired from a business career and have been a veteran amateur Extra Class radio operator for the past 50+ years.  I live on a small lot in a CC&R restricted community and can only use wire antennas supported by tall spindly pine trees. Since antenna space is limited and I couldn’t use visible counter weights to tension my antennas, I needed to develop an alternative tensioning method that would not be visibly objectionable and would hold up in windy coastal North Carolina.  It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention and my antenna tensioning problem ultimately led to the development and patent application grant for Vari-Ten Tensioners.

Since first being introduced in 2013, Vari-Ten antenna Tensioners have been installed across 44 lower states, Canada and Alaska. Tensioners have developed an outstanding service record during the harshest weather conditions across North America...including exposure to Nor'easter winds, tropical storm force winds, thunder storms, driving rain, snow and ice.

I personally build and test each Tensioner and all sub-assemblies. Only top quality component materials are used including the proprietary zinc chromate electro-plated high carbon steel extension springs that are at the heart of each Tensioner .  All exposed hardware is stainless steel. I test each completed Tensioner on a calibrated test fixture at 350 lbs to assure the quality and integrity of the completed unit.

My personal philosophy and expectation is that every customer must look back on a satisfying experience with Vari-Ten and my Tensioners. Thanks for your interest and I will work hard to see that our product and service satisfies your expectations.    


Dick Goodwin, K4JJW